BREAKING: Governor Mandago weighing political party options after Buzeki declared he is in the race to the end!

Business mogul Bundotich Kiprop aka Buzeki, has said he will not drop his bid for Uasin Gishu governor.

Billionaire Bundotich Kiprop, well known as Buzeki, has said that he is not giving up his bid for the Uasin Gishu gubernatorial seat.

“I am in this race to the end and people of Uasin Gishu will decide at the end,” he said.


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This comes in the wake of the heated gubernatorial nominations for the Jubilee party, with sources saying he has literally overtaken the incumbent Mandago in the race for the top county seat.

Word has it that the incumbent is considering running as an independent candidate to have time to get his campaign together since there is limited time left for him to weigh his options.

It is believed that Mandago is also restless and worried that he will lose his position, which he has held dearly, but residents want him out branding him a tribal leader who practices high levels of nepotism and corruption.

Buzeki added that he is currently working with all communities in UG county.

“I will name my running mate from the Nandi community and give all other residents other opportunities after we win,” Buzeki said on Monday in Kesses constituency.

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The comments come after Governor Jackson Mandago begged Buzeki to wait for 2022 to run.  He was even promised major business contracts but Buzeki reiterated he is not interested.

Mandago is seeking a second term in the county, but it seems Buzeki has caused a stir in the race for the seat rendering him restless.


It is said that just last week, people allied to Mandago visited Buzeki’s home in the county, with the elders urging him and former Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Shollei to drop from the race and support Mandago – this didn’t go down well with his supporters.
Kiprop Bundotich is the founder and CEO of Buzeki Group of Companies, an amalgamation of companies incepted in 1999. He worked as Regional Dairy Sales Manager for Kilifi Plantations before moving to the transport industry in 2004.

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