BUSTED! Mandago’s secret county love affair and nepotism exposed

Governor Mandago and Ms. Joyce Kebenei are not just board room allies, but lovers.

Uasin Gishu residents are outraged after the secret romantic affair between county governor Jackson Mandago and his Vice Chair Public Service Board was exposed to all and sundry.

Joyce Kebenei has been operating with utmost impunity most times flaunting policies and procedures as she knows she is well covered by her ‘sponsor’.

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She has since employed the entire family at the expense of the youth and tax payers of Uasin Gishu with the blessing of the Governor.

Her siblings include the following:
Loyce Kebenei – Legal Adviser
Susan Kebenei – Head Nurse
Kebenei – Sub County Administrator
John – Director Alcoholic Board.
Kinyor – driver
John – driver
Kinyor – Communications department.

The same scenario is replicated by other public service board members. Over 500 newly employed staff are relatives of the senior Government.

The nepotism status in the county is alarming as the chair public service board has also acted with impunity and has bypassed qualified personnel and youths to give employment on a silver platter to his relatives including:

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Cheplel his cousin as the chief officer trade, his brother in-law as security advisor, County attorney and thirty county Askaris among others all this well known to the Governor without any care to protect the common mwananchi.

Mr. Simeon Cheplel – Chief Officer Trade, Industrialization, Enterprise Development, Cooperatives, Tourism and Wildlife Management – Uasin Gishu county

Mr. Simeon Cheplel- Chief Officer Trade, Industrialization, Enterprise Development, Cooperatives, Tourism and Wildlife Management

Furthermore the county askaris recruitment that was announced to the public whereby three personnel were to be recruited from every ward, totaling to 90 was marred with discrepancies and a whopping 162 were recruited, where 72 were ferried direct from the villages of Jackson Mandago and his cronies and the Governor having 15 relatives among the recruits.

The Governor subjected Uasin Gishu County residents to unnecessary interview whereas the interview process was only for PR purposes. In sub county administrators out of the six one from each sub county all of them are Nandis with Karaney sub county administrator Moiben, Kebenei Sub County administrator Kesses, and Kolalma sub county administrator Kapseret being Governor’s cousins.

Lucy Mandago has also been accused of arrogance following an altercation with an employee at St. Luke’s Orthopaedic ad Trauma hospital, who was then sacked after displeasing the county first lady

The governor further crossed Uasin Gishu County to his native Nandi County to bring his relatives to work for the County. This included County secretary Lelei who is the Cousin and CEC ICT sang the uncle and both of them have indicated they are going back to their counties for political ambitions.

He also employed Mugaga the ward administrator Langas, who is the brother in-law. Among many other relatives. One of the CEC DR Cyril employed his son as an accountant and the daughter as the secretary. The former CEC public service Chepkwony a longtime friend of the governor from Kenyatta university days has employed over ten relatives. They include current Governor’s Secretary, several revenue collectors, County askaris, drivers and even nurses.

80% of the administrators employed are from teaching profession that use to work with the Governor during his tenure at TSC. The others were his Kenyatta University Comrades.

Recently each senior officer was asked to propose 3 names of youth to be employed as procurement assistant. They employed over 50 youth who are relatives with no job description and the office but they are earning.

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The governor brought on board his campaign militia as county employees but they still perform their hooliganism. Some of them are believed to have organized disruption of their opponents meeting in Ziwa. They include one Kamau from Kesses, Mwogoi from Ziwa and Comando.

These are the fellows handling the Governor’s militia team. The likes of Nurkie, a former bank employee who handles the Governor’s social media campaign, has been secretly added in the payroll. These are the people that spread tribal hate and present the campaign dimensions on tribal angle.


The Governor further employed his opponents to tame their political ambitions. He has been quoted several times indicating he feared Tirop Kosgey’s candidature, thus, in order to prevent him from running against him in future, he employed him as economic adviser.

Tirop has been earning his salary and has never stepped in Uasin Gishu County Offices. He also brought on board CEC Education Mr Muigei who has been busy on his activities and not serving the residents.

Mandago is seeking a second term in the county, but the massive wave Buzeki has caused in the race for the seat is rendering him restless. Governor Jackson Mandago begged Buzeki to wait for 2022 to run.  He was even promised major business contracts but Buzeki reiterated he is not interested.


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