Viral letter exposes the deep corruption scandals in Uasin Gishu county

A letter that reveals damning information about the deep rot in the Uasin Gishu county has erupted the interwebs.

The letter, from ‘concerned citizen’, cites the shoddy nature of the deals happening under Governor Mandago’s watch.

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The letter was shared widely on social media where the governor’s supporters, who were caught off guard, resorted to backlash on the accusations, stating that no matter what is said, he must be voted back in.

This comes in the wake of heated campaigns in the county, where Mandago’s camp fear he may not get the Jubilee nomination owing to the voter apathy based on feedback on the ground.

Uasin Gishu was ranked the most corrupt county in ratings released in 2013.

The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission has always expressed fears of deepening corruption at the county governments, due to lack of appropriate structures to push for accountability and principled governance from the devolved system of government.

Mandago has been on the spot countless times over corruption scandals especially since the auditor’s report for the county was made public and millions were unaccounted for.
The 2013 auditor’s report of Uasin Gishu county showed anomalies in the management of county finances (image: Kenya National Audit Office report, 2013)

A further audit in 2014/2015 reveals even more corruption in the county with unaccounted for monies.


Residents of Uasin Gishu brandished Mandago as a tribal-centric, arrogant leader, who only lines the pockets of his relatives and cronies, so the letter was the nail on the coffin.


Another issue the auditor’s report revealed is bank accounts that were still active, that the auditor had recommended be closed with immediate effect but are still running.


The letter reads:


We greet you sir. We celebrate everyday as one community wherever Vivian Cheruiyot from Keiyo, Eluid Kipchoge a Nandi Ezekeil Kemboy a Marakwet trounces all and sundry to win a medal. We never ask who they are but we always thank God for our sons and daughters.

We appreciate your efforts sir to unite our great Country. Whenever we see you in coast,western, eastern or even central we feel proud. You exhibit genuine feelings and commitments of united and one Kenya. We believe you and we know you will make it. Keep the eye on the ball and you will indeed manage to unite Kenya.

Sir all is not well here at home. As you are busy across the country uniting Kenyan another one here is busy dividing your people. He is driving wedge between Kalenjins and more worse he preaches and campaigns on the basis of guarding us against Kikuyus. These are the very people that we rely on to deliver your presidency. Whenever you visit here with the presidents he pretends to be a friend but as soon as you leave he continuous talking negatively against them. Please sir take time and talk with him. Tell him that voting should be based on developmental issues but not tribe. If he is not going to listen to you let him be expelled from jubilee. Let him go to KANU that he keeps praising every day. We don’t want him to drag you behind. This is the guy sir that whenever he takes stage is facial expression is a suspect. He preaches hate and thrives on division. He has demonstrated that in employments in the county and tender awards. He interferes with National Government functions like the recent Moi university appointments.

Sir this guy has five companies that he is siphoning county resources. Kindly talk to wabukhala to come and take him to Kodiaga. The only thing he says he has done are the World Bank funded projects and national Government projects like Kapsoya road and street light that was done by Keter. He stage manages council of elders meeting to make declaration favoring him. This guy is going to destroy the moral fabric of our society.

Imagine William a serious county flagship projects he says he has done is giving Kina mama chicks?!!!!

I trust you will do something about this Sir.

#KusemaNaKutenda #OndoaUfisadiKenya #UasinGishuIsntForIndividuals

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Mandago has also been condemned by Kenyans for the Moi University issue where he and other leaders clamored for the removal of Prof. Laban Ayiro (from the Luhya community), so as to have ‘their own’ placed as the Vice Chancellor of the institution.


Other similar allegations include his ‘love affair’ with a top county board member Joyce Kebenei, with whom he has employed relatives and past friends from the TSC where he worked prior to his current position.


We sought to get clarity from the county administration over the contents of the letter but our efforts were futile as our calls went unanswered.


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