BREAKING: Gideon Moi and Nick Salat to join Governor Mandago in grand press announcement

Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago is a troubled man after reports surfaced that his campaign camp is heading for a collapse.

A press conference scheduled for Monday 20, 2017 where Gideon Moi and KANU Secretary General Nick Salat, are expected to receive Mandago as a candidate for the Uasin Gishu gubernatorial position on a KANU ticket, is underway.

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Following Moi’s recent speech during the burial of former Nominated MP Mark Too, the KANU Chairman who is also the Baringo Senator, shocked Mandago, warning him of a powerful battle for the top county seat.

“Mandago ngalen kinai ile achamin komie. Lakini koinai is ile koking’etun chito nekilen Buzeki. Anan Tomo inai?” which loosely translates to “Mandago you know I like you, but you must know that some people have sponsored Buzeki to battle you for the governorship,” Senator Moi said.

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Governor Mandago, has been lukewarm in his loyalty and support to Jubilee and political observers opine that this may be the cause of his political woes.


Already, the entry of the billionaire business mogul is giving Mandago headaches and sleepless nights and is seen as a front-runner in the race.

It seems Mandago took Moi’s words to heart and is reported to have had ongoing secret talks with the KANU chair to secure a seat in the party for his gubernatorial ambitions.


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The three are scheduled to make a major announcement next week at a top hotel following reports, which have since circulated on social media.


Mandago said for the Kalenjin community to succeed in the country’s politics, they need to speak in one voice.

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“Every citizen has a democratic right to choose their best leaders but as a community we need unity and togetherness to succeed in our future political ambitions,” he added.

We will keep you posted on these and more stories as we receive updates from the county’s communications Director, Mr. Silas Tarus.


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