We are arresting social media hate speech mongers starting TODAY, Ole Kaparo

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) will begin arresting social media hate mongers and those who knowingly and directly insult, cause psychological harm to and demean personalities.

The anti-hate agency recently recruited a team of cyber experts including a social media investigations officer with a background in information technology and a team working round the clock as social media monitors ahead of the August 8 General Election.


“The social media investigations team will identify social media accounts spreading hate messages as well preparing weekly and monthly reports detailing investigation findings and trends”, the agency said on its website.

There have been fears that some social media posts were bordering on hate especially in groups and forums notably the Uasin Gishu County Forum and Uasin Gishu County Discussion Forum, whose members are being investigated currently to prepare for subsequent summons and arrests.

Two youth from Eldoret who have been sending threats via WhatsApp groups, identified as Caroline Cherono Kaptingei (0726144402) and Ken (0725714739) are due for summoning this week and possible arrest and jail term as the agency seeks to stamp its authority to protect Kenya from burning again.


“The cyber and social media experts team will also examine records to locate links in chains of evidence and adduce evidence before courts,” it said.

FAKE ACCOUNTS notorious for hiding under alias identities are also under investigation:


Some of the social media profiles under investigation and marked for summons and arrests include the individuals who posted the comments below:



Picture3.pngKaparo says that the existence of a large amount of hate speech on social media platforms have equipped Kenyans with weapons at hand to unleash ethnicity in all forms.

Kaparo further explained that social media is being used in a destructive manner by offering prominent platform for hate speech and ethnic polarization in the country.

The Business Daily, a top local publication noted that in August last year, Interior Secretary Joseph Nkaissery warned that several social media posts especially from politicians and vernacular stations risk plunging the country into violence after the elections.


Political temperatures have been rising ahead of the August polls and the NCIC has of late been accused of turning a blind eye to powerful politicians using public rallies for attacks. (source: Business Daily)


NCIC chairman Francis Ole Kaparo noted recently that there were rising cases where politicians were using social media to spew hate speech. (source: Business Daily)

Mr Kaparo asked Parliament for additional Sh 971 million to hire key personnel to serve in the counties ahead of the general elections this year.


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