BREAKING: MCAs leak Supplementary Budget Dossier exposing Governor Mandago’s secret scheme to embezzle Ksh 500 million

It is a bombshell story, emerging just after the NASA Coalition’s rally in Eldoret.

A dossier, compiled by Uasin Gishu MCAs reveals a secret corrupt scheme by the Mandago led administration to embezzle Ksh 500 million for political campaigns.


A secret dossier leaked to the press reveals the scheme Mandago and his administration hatched to source Ksh 500 million under the guise of a Supplementary budget.

Just recently, Mandago was quoted in Torochmoi informing the public and the press that he is fully prepared for the nominations saying, “my quiver is full and bows well oiled.”

This comes in the wake of heightened corruption allegations and abuse of office, where the governor is accused of spending a whopping Ksh 4.5 billion of county resources with no explanations.

However, in a new corruption saga, Mandago, who had conspired with MCAs to embezzle the funds, recently turned against the MCAs and this is the reason they broke the news to the press.

The scheme was described in a newly released and corroborated dossier leaked last week. But they had circulated more widely following early reports and opaque warnings from sources within the administration that something was afoot involving the Mandago team.


Uasin Gishu County residents’ approval of the County Government appears to be plummeting, with the latest opinion poll revealing that most residents in Uasin Gishu think the county has been looted, mismanaged and is heading in the wrong direction.

Irate Members of the County Assembly of Uasin Gishu exposed Mandago after he failed to keep his promise of awarding each MCA Ksh 10 million to any contractor of choice though the work would still be executed by the county machinery.

This means that if an MCA was paid the money, he would choose a contractor, which would be recorded in the county’s books but the county government workers would still be the ones to do the work, thus the MCAs pocket a cool 10 million shillings for free!

The nominated MCAs led by Rehema Chemutai Korir were not considered for this exclusive package thus decided to leak the information to the press.


According to the poll, the County Assembly remains the most trusted institution at 72 per cent.

The damning evidence shows how monies allocated to various projects were shifted here and there to ‘cook’ the figures in order to match the sum of money the county government is requesting.

The areas highlighted in yellow show where Mandago administration has moved monies meant for development, while other areas showing “other expenses” are vague, which indicates that the monies will be spent without residents knowing exactly where and how
Some votes like construction of hospitals and renovation of stadium were scrapped off and money channeled to roads which are their traditional embezzling avenues.
Contractors such as Mtech and Koslum which are owned by Mandago through proxies are set to be major beneficiaries.  In this scam the governor is set to raise over 400 million to finance his campaigns. Ethics and Anti Corruption are already in the picture and are set to pounce on the County Soon to unearth the scam.
His team has also been passing out that their campaign money will be out in two weeks time which is the time they expect the process of paying fictitious contracts will have been completed.
The scheme is well orchestrated and in collaboration with the Governors pointmen,
Mr. Kemboi in procurement (Phone No 0725790243, Deputy Director of Procurement).
Currently, payment certificates are being processed for distribution, yet the monies have not even been received nor approved for.

Mandago’s administration continues to battle rising perception that it is corrupt with entrenched nepotism and is doing too little in terms of development.


Previously, Mandago has faced a similar circumstance when angry MCAs led by Kapsuswa-Kuinet Ward MCA Rebecca Chepchirchir Magut when they resolved to pass a vote of no confidence in Jackson Mandago, a move that would have seen him forced out of office.

Our efforts to reach Deputy Governor Daniel Chemno for comment but he only pointed out that he was not in the picture as he has been excluded in major county decisions. “I feel frustrated because it appears my role was only to get the governor Keiyo votes,” he said.

The governor was accused of being arrogant with a habit of belittling the members of the County Assembly by ignoring their development inputs and made himself unavailable,unreachable and inaccessible.  It is also further alleged development in the County was being done in a haphazard manner and without the input of the county residents.

Mandago still faces a strong censure over the manner in which his government has been conducting the recruitment of workers with accusation that he “dished out the jobs to his friends and political cronies.

The Uasin Gishu County Governor may soon find himself jobless after some members of Uasin Gishu County Assembly resolved to start impeachment proceedings against him.

Governor Jackson Mandago has of late been under increasing pressure from the Assembly with majority of the members expressing discontent over the manner in which he was conducting the affairs of the County Government.

Just recently, a similar incident occurred when elders from the county blew the whistle on Mandago’s Ksh 2 million bribe to have him endorsed as the gubernatorial candidate for Uasin Gishu, so as to pit him against his strong opponents.

Prior to this supplementary budget, the same county had requested a similar amount earlier to purchase roads construction equipment, which was rejected and the move termed as illegal – the loan was not approved.

The deal to borrow the loan from Kenya Commercial Bank had already been approved by the Uasin Gishu county assembly despite opposition from some members who said the plan was unnecessary and would overburden the taxpayers.



Uasin Gishu County assembly Speaker Isaac Terer was among those who advised the county government against the move saying any borrowing by the county had to be approved by the national government and should not go beyond 5 per cent of the last audited accounts.

The deal would have guaranteed MCAs to acquire Sh5 million loan each, thus the MCAs approved the Sh500 million loan to the county after having been awarded their personal loans. About Ksh140 million interest will accrue on the Ksh500 million, as the money will attract an annual interest of 7.8 per cent for three years.

Governor Mandago defended the loan saying the county government did not have enough money to buy the machines yet Eldoret town alone rakes in a revenue of Ksh 1 billion annually, but the county government as a whole only collected a paltry Ksh 800 million at the end of the year, of which Ksh 133 million was not accounted for.


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