Massive infighting as Mandago aides clash over dirty scandal against former Nandi MP’s daughter

– Uasin Gishu county elections are among the most heated in the country today

-Governor Mandago faces stiff competition for the gubernatorial seat as he struggles to convince the electorate to give him a second chance

Residents of Uasin Gishu are about to be served with perhaps one of the biggest scandals to rock the Mandago administration.

Besides the much publicized and talked about corruption in the county, another scandal that is brewing in the corridors of the county’s offices is about to erupt.

Trouble started when the communication team heads, Silas Tarus, who heads the governor’s communication, and Irene Biwot, who is the communications director, argued over the release of a controversial story that is set to tarnish one of Mandago’s strongest opponents.

The story, which is propagandist in nature, revolves around a former MP’s daughter, Michelle, who works within the county assembly office as a legal officer.



Michelle hails from a well off politically aligned family in the region as her father was a former Member of Parliament in a previous regime.

In a heated argument, the two county communication officials were split over whether to release the story or shelve it seeing as it would be taken negatively by the electorate, and rub them the wrong way politically, thus denting Mandago’s image to his supporters and well wishers.

Apparently, Tarus insists that Michelle should be the sacrificial lamb for Mandago to win more favor from Uasin Gishu voters.  He added that by using a woman to tarnish a man’s reputation, voters would obviously see them in a negative light and change their minds towards voting for the incumbent instead.

However, a section of county employees who shared the infighting and leaked information to the press, are against Tarus’ decision to publish the dirty story, saying he did not have the governor’s best interests at heart. Some suspect that Tarus is also secretly against Mandago’s bid as they have been having conflicts in their working relationship.

Governor Mandago has been romantically linked to one of his board members, Joyce Kebenei, and is said to be married to two wives, one Lucy Mandago who is from the Keiyo community and another who is a Kisii.


In a bid to damage Mandago’s opponents campaigns, Tarus has been known to cook up dirty tricks and frame them negatively, but Uasin Gishu residents are not about to let up.

Previously, Michelle had indicated her ambition to vie for the Women representative seat, but this was met with resistance from the Mandago team, who asked her to shelve them till 2022, as there were other stronger candidates at the moment.

The press has since learnt that this resistance was due to the fact that Michelle wanted to go against the governor’s wishes of standing with him in his campaign, opting to support his opponents instead.

It is then that Tarus ordered that a story be developed immediately and sent out as soon as possible in order to silence Michelle.

Michelle is influential, and has vast properties in the area inherited from her father who is greatly respected among the Nandi community.  She has been unwilling to support the governor’s bid and her firmness at the County Assembly has made the administration jittery.



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