Looming Protest by Uasin Gishu County Youth over Ksh 60 million project

-Uasin Gishu county youth are planning a protest
-The youth are angry over the said Kijana na Heka project which didn’t take off as promised
Residents of Uasin Gishu county are set to witness a massive protest organised by the youth of the county.
The youth are angry and are demanding that the project promised by the county administration dubbed “Kijana na Heka” be implemented or else they go to the streets in protest.
Over the years, the youth have complained over having been taken for a ride by the Mandago led County Government, which is tainted with one corruption scandal after another.
In an effort to appear like they are supporting the youth, the county administration ‘initiated’ a project known as KIJANA na HEKA.
The project was meant to support young people to carry out intensive one acre farming activities.
The initial design was each youth participating to receive grants of half a million i.e. Ksh 500,000, upon producing evidence of land availability.
The program later took on a political dimension in a bid to chase the numbers of youth who had applied to participate.
Ward administrators were asked to identify pro-government youth groups and were awarded between Ksh 100,000 to 500,000 depending on the loyalty scale.
Since its inception, no follow up was made to check on the use of the money as most of the groups divided the money instantly and the groups died a natural death.
Kemboi, a young man from Ngenyilel ward, indicated that he utilised his five thousand shillings share by betting on Sportpesa games, all of which was consumed in the bets.
“What remains of the Kijana na Heka is the name of the project and not even one farm can be sighted as a success story,” Kemboi added.
As always, the PR arm of the county looked for any successful youth farmer, videographed it and called it success of Kijana na Heka programme.
Efforts by the press to identify any successful youth venture hit the snag as most of the youth groups that had applied disintegrated way before the projects even began.

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