Shocking Letter Blows Whistle on Secret Mandago Campaign Funders

-A letter leaked to the press from a supporter of Uasin Gishu governor reveals the who-is-who behind his campaign

-Included are businessmen, and a renowned journalist 

The Uasin Gishu gubernatorial race is now more heated than ever, especially with the April 21st party primaries fast approaching.
Both the incumbent and the three opponents who have vowed to send him home on the day of the nominations, are bracing themselves as they have just a little over a fortnight to the set date.
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A resident of Uasin Gishu county last week shared secret information with the press, some of which leaked on social media.
In his letter, the man exposes the plans that the Mandago campaign team have to bring down his opponents ahead of the primaries, in a bid to secure the seat for himself as he seeks a second term.
Big names such as those of Eldoret businessmen and a renowned award winning journalist are mentioned in his letter, as well as the amount of money raised by the said people to support Mandago’s reelection.
He wrote:
“The false fat white lie that has been fixed to Hon. Buzeki has now resurfaced over the following cowardice options and sorry solution that has been taken by the incumbent governor with an aim of grasping any straw however weak it is to save is already gone seat. Picture these developing scenarios:
To begin with I can confidently reveal that the Nation media group that was used by wakili Boaz Kimeli who happens to be a good friend to me, captured the story of Buzeki without seeking verification according to media guidelines the reason behind this quick reporting is now a naked affair one journalist, Wangui, who works with the nation media group as a producer. She is having an affair with one Jackson Mandago -this is nothing but facts am ready to prove that the country will be shocked the lady therefore acting with the influence of his mpango wa kando decided to report the story in a kangaroo rush just to coat his sponsor.
Secondly, it should be noted that recently the governor held a fundraiser that gave birth to 28 million to be used by the governor in his campaign the fundraiser was sponsored by three groups: one is the business holders of the millers having coaxed by Mandago that Buzeki will start a maize factory that will bring to an end to their business; the second group are the Indians who were also told that their business will also be brought to a stand still by Buzeki, while the third group was led by two individuals one Wainaina and Rose (nominated Mca) – the duo were blindly representing Kikuyus.
In a nutshell all these allegations against the people’s preferred governor Buzeki are baseless, unjustifiable and to say the least malicious we want to candidly tell Mandago that his power of strong man dictatorship will be discard soon we further wonder how a whole aspirant of jubilee wants to sue his own party just because the party cleared his greatest challenger this is a replica of a man suing his own mother mark you Jubilee is the most powerful party so far with over forty advocates the Mandago action can be equated of a man trying to clean a pig his utterances has in many cases unmeasured and poorly thought out his actions is just a wild goose chase Buzeki will win with a landslide.”
Some of the people implicated in this letter include:
  • Joshua Chepkwony – KASS FM boss, and owner of Jamii Millers as well as Jamii Telcoms (FAIBA) – who is said to have contributed a measly Kshs 500,000, with a pledge of Kshs 2m and a helicopter
  • Swaleh Taib, owner of Dola Millers, who is said to have contributed 5 Toyota Prados and Kshs 4.5 million (he has been
  • Joseph Wainaina, owner of Queens Garden Hotel
  • Wangui, TV journalist at Nation Media Group, who is using the media house’s property in print, digital and broadcast to spread malice about Buzeki

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