Buzeki receives Grand, Heroic Reception at Ziwa Ward

Residents of Ziwa ward, Soy constituency in Uasin Gishu today witnessed a never-been-seen-before campaign spectacle.

Kiprop Bundotich, popularly known as Buzeki, together with his running mate Dr. Samson Cheruiyot were in the area on a meet-the-people tour as part of their campaign, sharing their great plans for the county’s development once they take office come August 8th 2017.

Earlier this morning, hundreds of boda boda riders and Jubilee party branded motor vehicles with Buzeki’s posters, lined up the roads in Ziwa, ahead of the grand entry of Buzeki and his running mate Dr. Cheruiyot.

Shortly after, a yellow Eurocopter chopper was seen in the sky, hovering over the area, with a large photo of Buzeki, as part of the machinery for his well oiled campaign.

Shouts and ululation could be heard on the ground as the thousands of Ziwa residents who had gathered, were eagerly waiting for their favorite aspirant to land so they could receive him.

The duo are set to face off with the incumbent and his deputy Daniel Chemno, in one of the most hotly contested elections in the county and in Kenya.

“This campaign is full throttle, not like other counties where it is taken lightly,” said one resident.

Buzeki’s convoy snaked its way through Ziwa, making various stops but it was the final stop where the now infamous ‘ZIWA DECLARATION’ was made, at the Ziwa grounds, that has everyone talking.

Residents thronged the Ziwa grounds, where the main function was held chanting shouts of praise to Buzeki and Cheruiyot as their incoming governor and deputy governor respectively.

A local dance group was also in attendance entertaining the mammoth crowd as they awaited the entry of the leader they vowed to vote in unanimously both in the nominations and in the general elections.

Legebet Traditional Dancers at Ziwa grounds

Buzeki introduced his running mate Dr. Cheruiyot to the elated crowd, promising them that they will implement their manifesto for the county soon as they assume office, urging the residents to turn out in large numbers and vote in the duo for the betterment of the county.

Among the key items in the manifesto, which is founded upon 5 pillars namely:

1. Agriculture Revolution Pillar.
2. Infrastructure Development Pillar.
3. Social Pillar.
4. Economic Development Pillar.
5. Political & Governance Pillar.

Ziwa is well known for its agricultural activities in the heartland of Kenyas breadbasket. The land is fertile and weather favourable for agriculture.


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